“Once we contemplate and become one with nature our hearts open to its music.” 

- Hazrat Inayat Khan from “The Music of Life”

The harp ensemble Angelorum wants to bring an inspired message of hope and harmony to the world by making a film that tells the story of their musical pilgrimage to Scotland, and their special relationships with harps, music, trees, and nature.


 We are Angelorum, the world’s only medieval harp choir. We're based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and are directed by Cheryl Ann Fulton, a world-class performing and recording artist and teacher, as well as a pioneering scholar in the field of historical harps. 


In April 2017, we will be traveling to Scotland to perform at the Edinburgh International Harp Festival. We will also be making a pilgrimage to the forest of Strathpeffer in the Scottish Highlands, to serenade the trees that provided the wood from which our harps were made.  


Together with filmmaker Ezio Taranto, we'll be producing a 20-minute documentary that will cover our once-in-a-lifetime adventure from start to finish. In addition to our Festival performances and our unique forest serenade, it will include a detailed look at the fascinating process of how our harps are made, as well as interviews with the harpmakers.


The film is intended to be both educational and inspirational for us as well as our audience. It will include interviews with us, sharing how our experiences of medieval music, playing the harp, and being a part of an ensemble are deeply meaningful in our lives. By sharing our personal and group experiences, we hope to illustrate how music can be healing and transformational, and how simple choices in our daily lives, like playing handmade, musical instruments, can bring health and harmony to ourselves and the planet.


We believe it will take a concerted effort to ensure that all life forms on the Earth can enjoy a clean, healthy environment, and that the beauty of nature can continue to inspire the human spirit. You can help bring a message of hope to the world by supporting the creation of this film.

We have already come up with the funds to cover the transportation costs from San Francisco to Edinburgh. Your contribution will help pay for production costs to make the 20-minute documentary film, plus a short music video, as well as transportation and lodging costs for the ensemble in the Highlands.

“Trees indeed have hearts.” 
- Henry David Thoreau


Angelorum raised the necessary funds to make this short film. 



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